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“La cooperativa “Umbria Top”, ha dichiarato Piero Peppucci, presidente della cooperativa che associa le aziende produttrici, “è sorta per consentire ai produttori vitivinicoli soci la partecipazione al “Vinitaly2009” nell’ambito dello stand collettivo Umbria.

The cooperative “Umbria Top” has declared that Piero Peppucci, president of the cooperative that links the production companies, “has risen in the sphere of the Umbria group stand for granting the wine production members participation in 'Vinitaly 2009'"

Have I conveyed the right meaning in using 'has risen' to signify 'è sorta'? Although I'm not sure I got the right feeling for the sentence because it sounds rather clumbsy :(

Thank you in advance
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    On reading this through, I'm not sure I understand what this is actually trying to say. I think I understand all the words but is it the company 'Umbria Top' which was established for gaining access to this competition for the winegrowers. Or is it Piero Peppucci. Or have the only mentioned him as a superfluous piece of information??

    Sorry, all these questions!!


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    I'll try to explain in my poor English:

    Piero Peppucci (president of ...) stated that the cooperative was founded so that the wine producers from Umbria and members of the cooperative could participate to "Vinitaly 2009" in the Umbria stand

    I don't know whether this is clearer or foggier :D
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