échange amiable (de parcelles de terrain)

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I have a text which talks about the "échange amiable de parcelles de forêt" between different owners (to create larger contiguous land surfaces).

I can't seem to fathom if "amicable exchange" can apply to property issues of if there is some specific terminolgy for this the the property trade.

Any suggestions?
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    I guess that information should be explicit in the source text, otherwise I don't think we can guess any better.
    As far as I know "échange amiable" is not a legal term. To me it implies that no money changes hands. But there is no way of knowing if deeds are handed over or if this is just an informal agreement which gives both parties the rights to exploit the other party's land with no formal exchange of ownership.

    I would translate "amiable" as "by private/mutual agreement".

    And I think you need to avoid using "exchange" as the notion of Land Exchange in real estate is something else.


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    En droit, "amiable" correspond souvent à "out-of-court" (agreement); mais je ne sais pas si votre contexte s'y prête.


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    I saw a documentary where planning and building regulations were circumvented when land was supposedly gifted without the exchange of money. Could this be the case here??
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