échange d'expériences internationales

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I'm translating a conference program into English, and at one point there will be a discussion of [experiences/experiments/???] at the international level. Unfortunately the program is opaque here, where I need it most. So the discussants could either be foreigners or French bureaucrats discussing what has occured between their departments and those in other European countries.

I've looked on the WR dictionary, and can't find offhand (although there are too many threads that are simply titled "experience" to go through all of them) a word that matches what I need.

The phrase in question is échange d'expériences internationales and I'm proposing: Disscussion of international ___________.

(Don't you agree that "discussion of international experiences:cross:" doesn't sound like good English?)

Thank you all in advance.
  • LMorland

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    How about
    sharing (your) international experience
    Thank you, viera2, but your suggestion make me realize that I didn't give enough context. I mentioned that it's the title to an event on a conference program. But I think now that I should provide the entire entire title, which is:

    Echanges d'expériences internationales (3 interventions de 20 mn chacune suivies d'une heure d'échanges).

    So I'm definitely translating 'échanges' by 'discussion'. What do you think, lexiconnaissance, now that I've given more context?
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