école privée sous contrat

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  1. Aigline Senior Member

    I try to translate into English: école privée sous contrat.
    the whole sentence is: For private schools, two main status are possible: on the one hand the schools can are private with (state agreement?), and on the other hand the schools without (state agreement?)
    Thank you
  2. TKDfille Member

    Los Angeles, USA
    Maybe under [state] contract. It's difficult to come up with something without more info. Do you have a sentence in French? It's a little difficult to understand your sentence. I'm thinking you mean something like this: For private schools, two main statuses are possible: they can be private under [state] contract or without a contract.
  3. Aigline Senior Member

    Yes, it s perfect.
    I had no French sentence in mind.
    But yours seems great.
    Thank you TKDFille

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