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    Je suis en train d'écrire une compte rendu sur Guadeloupe et dans mes sources on parle d'une "économie de rente". Est-ce qu'on peut traduire cela comme "subsistence economy"? Je ne suis pas sure si j'ai bien entendu, la definition dans une autre texte que j'ai consultée.

    Merci en avance
  2. Old Novice

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    Sorry, my French isn't good enough to reply on this topic in anything but English. A Google search suggests "Économie de rente" may have multiple meanings. "Rent" in English in economics is the surplus associated with having an exceptionally productive resource. That seems to be the sense in which is it used in this reference, but with the additional connotation that the economy's surplus is allocated to maintain essential goods or services, not investment. That would suggest that your "subsistance economy" has the right flavor, but that the phrase has a richer context. I think the emphasis may be more on the need for economic development than on the consumption level, in which case you might say "developing nation" instead of "subsistance economy".

    That said, this reference seems to suggest that "économie de rente" may also have to do with the emergence of a merchant class and the early stages of capitalism. I think your translation gets at the right sense of the phrase, but what we really need here is a francophone economist. (Or an anglophone economist who reads French at a more sophisticated level than I do!) :(
  3. rumeurrose Senior Member

    What could it be in English then?
    Thank you.
  4. Scrivener Senior Member

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    a Marxist would call it a rentier economy
  5. chrisp124 Senior Member

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    A rent-based economy. Exemple sur cette page.

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