écriture comptable

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  1. Nesh Member

    France, French
    Hi everyone!
    How would you translate "l'écriture comptable"
    Here's the sentence:
    Notre modèle de développement a ruiné l'économie du tiers-monde. Son endettement n'est que l'écriture comptable de tout ce que nous lui avons volé.
    Traduction proposée: accounting writing
    But it doesn't sound good at all. :(
    I think it's a metaphor. L'écriture comptable can be seen as a logical result of what has been stolen from the third word. It's just an idea but I'm not sure.
  2. Bella1 Senior Member

    UK Bilingual French/English
    '...the financial reckoning.../... the financial statement... ??
  3. Teafrog

    Teafrog Senior Member

    UK English (& rusty French…)
    … the accounting legacy …/ … the financial accountability… ???
  4. Padraig Senior Member

    Hiberno-English, Irish Gaelic
    the accounting record
  5. Nesh Member

    France, French
    Thanks for your answers!

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