écriture, débiteur, comptable...?

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  1. FrauBlucher New Member

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    The phrases are many...a sampling includes:

    insertion des écritures (entry? writing?)
    déclenchement de l'écritures de crédit
    date écriture

    le solde débiteur (balance debtor? i don't know what that means in english)
    compte débiteur

    date comptable (fiscal date?)

    thanks et merci!! i wish i could return the translating favors...
  2. claude123 Senior Member

    France, French
    Insertion des écritures : Entry posting

    Déclenchement ... ??? écriture de crédit : credit entry (an entry on the credit

    date écriture : entry date

    Solde débiteur : Debit balance
    (The balance of an
    account in which the total
    amount of debits exceeds the
    total amount of credits. )

    Date comptable : Posting date
    (The date used by the
    General Ledger to record
    transactions corresponding
    with fiscal year and period
  3. FrauBlucher New Member

    USA - English
    can déclenchement be translated as "activation"?

    le déclenchement s'effectuera automatiquement sur tous les services
    The activation will be carried out automatically on all the services (or is there a better word for this?)

    merci :)
  4. claude123 Senior Member

    France, French
    It could be triggering of an event, or release ???

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