élever le niveau


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I would like to translate "élever le niveau" in such a context:
"Je vois que les exercices sont trop faciles pour vous. Je vais élever le niveau."

Could you help me?

My try: "to raise the level" :eek:
  • mgarizona

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    I'd go with "raise the bar" though I believe that might be an AE-only expression, I'm not sure.
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    Are these exercises in a literal sense, such as at a gym? Or are they problems such as for math? I think the context would help determine the best translation.


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    Thanks, Momerath.

    (And while I'm here, I'll go ahead and throw in this ultra-colloquial variation on the theme: "kick it up a notch.")


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    As long as we're getting slangy, up the ante is an equivalent expression from the game of poker, meaning, to raise the stakes.
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