1. Matt15 Senior Member

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    Hi all,

    I am stuck on how to translate the term 'élingueur'. The context is a list of what is included in a course for someone training for this profession. It appears as a bulletpoint as follows:

    '- La profession et les responsabilités de l'élingueur'

    It is then followed by the verb form of this word as follows:

    '-10 règles pour élinguer en sécurité'

    It obviously comes from the word 'élingue' as in the below link but I don't know what the English equivalent would be.


    I have come across 'pontier-élingueur' translated as 'overhead craneman' but here it doesn't appear with 'pontier'.

    I know I'm supposed to offer an attempt myself first but I really have no idea here. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. OutsinceMons

    OutsinceMons Senior Member

    English GB

    I would suggest 'sling specialist'. Slinging is normally part of a Rigger's skill set but, maybe this is more specific?

    Any use?
  3. Matt15 Senior Member

    English (UK)
    That seems to work well. Thanks very much.

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