émetteur-récepteur portatif

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Charlie Parker

Senior Member
English Canada
This is what the Grand dictionnaire terminologique recommends. This is an organisation dedicated to promoting and protecting the French language in Quebec. I support their goals. The encroachment of English in the form of loan words is something that has always concerned and intrigued me. I understand the French of France have also borrowed a lot. How many people actually say émetteur-récepteur portatif ? It's certainly a lot easier to say talkie-walkie. Do some people say ERP? I would be interested in hearing opinions on this subject, especially from Québécois/Québécoises.
  • El Dookie

    France (French)
    I have never said or heard émetteur-récepteur portatif. In France you would definitely use talkie-walkie (et pas l'anglais walkie-talkie, bizarrement)


    Senior Member
    France, French
    Yes, we normally use "talkie-walkie". I suppose because "émetteur-récepteur portatif" sounds quite technical, but all the more very long to say.
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