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I'm translating a contract and I'm having trouble with the following bit:
"Mise à disposition d'une équipe commerciale nominative dès la signature du contrat et pendant toute sa durée".

Il s'agit d'une équipe fournie pour aider à accomplir des progrès.
Je ne comprends pas le sens du mot "nominatif" dans ce contexte.

Here is my attempt:
"Making a nominative commercial team available as from the signing of the contract and for its entire duration."

What do you think?
  • Questionnert

    English, French
    Nominatif here to me means that specific names (persons) are to be assigned.

    I'd put it like this. (Yes, I would repeat "contract" at the end, legal documents in English have no fear of repetition, it's better to repeat the noun rather than risk any confusion of what the pronoun "it' refers to.)

    Provision of a sales team of specific individuals as of the signature of the contract and throughout the entire period of the contract.


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    Je crois que cela veut dire que les noms de personnes formant cette équipe doivent être spécifiés.

    "A commercial team, whose members will be specified by names, shall be provided as of the signature and throughout the whole duration of the contract."
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