équipements longue portée

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  1. Final question of the day!!! Context is construction company advertising their range of excavators. I'm not sure if "longue portée" refers to booms on an excavator or if the equipment can carry material long distances ... as you've guessed, I'm not mechanically minded and have found most answers on various websites, but not this one!!
    Would really appreciate any assistance :
    "La gamme comporte des versions châssis longs, châssis étroits, équipements longue portée, ainsi que de nombreux modèles pour applications spéciales, de façon à couvrir les besoins de tous les secteurs d'activités, même celui de la démolition."

    My attempt
    Its range includes narrow and long chassis frames, boom heights and equipment specifically developed to meet requirements in all areas of the industry, including demolition
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    est ce que 'long arm machine' correspondrait ?
  3. Thanks - that's a great help - I've now found "long reach boom arms" on the various websites!

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