étant / be(ing)


This is my try to comprehand the use of "étant". Please comment on.
  1. As regards to feeling of gravitation, being in outer space must feel like being in sub-water. (physical location) ---- En se qui concerne la sensation de la gravitation, étant dans l'espace devrait étant (or d'être ?) dans sous l'eau.
  2. Being around here during a potential gas leakage may be fatal. ---- étant ici pendant un potentiel fuite de gaz peut être fatale.
  3. Being criticized by all the trainers on his swimming technique, he decided to pay attention to what they say.(mental state)---- Étant critiqué par tous (l’ensembles ?) des entraîneurs sur sa technique de natation, il a décidé de (a se décidé à ?) prêter attention à ce qu'ils disent.
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    I'm not a francophone myself, but I'll try to help and maybe someone else will lend a hand.

    In (1) I would say "être" and not "étant" dans l'espace.

    In (2) I would say "être" and not "étant" ici pendant...

    In (3) I don't think "étant critiqué" is wrong, but I myself might try something like "se voyant critiqué..."

    Hopefully a francophone will set us both right here.
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