1. shimin Senior Member

    English, Chinese
    Hi! I would like to know if "the different stages of life" is translated as "les étapes différentes de vie" or "les différentes étapes de vie". I believe there's a subtle difference in meaning behind the placement of the adjective "différentes" that I've failed to catch. Thank you!
  2. Helianthus Senior Member

    near Paris
    France, French
    les "différentes étapes de vie" sounds better to me.
    If you want us to advice on a subtle difference, you should provide more context!
  3. shimin Senior Member

    English, Chinese
    Well, I don't know what other context I can give, but my second question was more of a general question. For example, i remember being told by my french teacher that "les différentes langues de la région" is different from "les langues différentes de la région". (I think) one means that the languages in the region are different while the other means that there are many languages in the region. The problem is, I'm not clear which is which. Does this help make my question clearer?

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