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I am fresh in the world of construction and have a heap of problems. This forum has already been of great help but I am struggling with this one expression.

Dealing with quality of executions, one point of the contract states:

"L'ensemble des documents à remettre par le Titulaire aux différents chefs de lot (plans, procédures, plans qualité réalisation) doit être validé à l'état FUS avant tout début d'activité. Le chantier ne peut démarrer sans documents à l'état FUS."

Any help would be most welcome.
  • Michelvar

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    Hi, welcome to the forum!

    in this sentence, FUS means that the documents used for fabrication must have been validated by someone, to insure that it is complying with quality insurance requirements. This is for sure.

    What is less sure, is the translation of FUS. My guess is "Follow Up Service".
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