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J'ai besoin d'une traduction dans le contexte des "printed circuit boards". Il s'agit d'une espece de four qui chauffe mais seulement à basse temperature (max 80° je pense). Les plaques contiennent de l'eau qui doit evaporer, sinon elle echappe en forme de vapeur au moment de la soudure. Would "dryer" or "heater" be appropriate? I don't like "incubator" and "thermal chamber" seems to be too hot. Merci de votre réponse
  • In a context of PCBs / electronic components, removing moisture from part packages / PCBs before reflow-soldering is called baking.
    The heating device for reflow-soldering is an oven; for high-temp baking (70° to 125°), baking is also processed in an oven. Drying cabinets (usually with dessicant) are used for low-temp drying process.
    Thank you very much everybody. The engineer I'm teaching said "oven" but it sounded too hot to me. But "oven" seems to be the right translation for "etuve". Thanks again