être chargé de faire quelque chose

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  1. giulianooo Senior Member

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    Anyone to help me with this one?

    How would you translate the word "chargé" into English in the following sentences :
    "dès que le plan d'attaque a été prêt, Simon fut chargé d'ouvrir les hostilités"
    or in
    "Ménon fut chargé par les détracteurs de Phidias d'ouvrir les hostilités, en accusant le sculpteur d'avoir détourné une partie de l'or destiné à la statue d'Athéna"

    Thanks in advance

  2. Xupz

    Xupz Senior Member

    Français (France)
    the charge of doing ... was assigned to ... ?
  3. lela105 Senior Member

    you can even say in English "was charged with (doing something)"
    meaning "was responsible for (doing this thing)"
  4. giulianooo Senior Member

    France French
    Thank you all... Yet I still have a hunch there's another way of saying it. But maybe I'm wrong !
  5. cropje_jnr

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    More suggestions:

    Simon was put in charge of commencing hostilities.
    Simon was charged with commencing hostilities.
    Simon was made responsible for commencing hostilities.
    Simon was given the task/job/role of commencing hostilities.
    Simon was attributed the mission of commencing hostilities.
    Simon was given responsibility for commencing/the opening of hostilities.

    Sorry if I repeated anything but this sounds like a job for the good ol' scatter-bomb technique! :D
  6. cmongeoro Senior Member

    USA, English
    I"m not too clear on the French meaning, but is it possible that it might be "was forced to."

  7. floc Member

    How would you say: "Etre chargé de faire quelque chose?"
    Do you think this sentence is OK?: "To be in charge of doing something"

    Like "Mary was in charge of contacting the customers". "John is in charge of controling the process"...

    Thanks for your help
  8. Thomas Tompion Senior Member

    Southwest France
    English - England
    Perhaps Mary was responsible for contacting the customers. To be in charge of raises slightly in my mind a picture of rebellious school-children.
  9. Kat LaQ Senior Member

    NY, NY
    English, USA
    I agree with "is responsible for" in this case.

    In addition to rebellious schoolchildren, one can in a business situation be in charge of a thing, as in: Mary is in charge of the ABC project or The lunatics are now in charge of the asylum.

    But for an action, we generally use X is responsible for doing something.

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