être en retard à l'école


do you say: to be late at school or to be late to school
I thought it was 'at' but I've just seen 'to', that's why I'm asking
Thx for your help
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    I've always said "to be late for school."
    "He was late to school" sounds okay to my ear, and
    I would understand it as "He was late getting to school."
    "He was late at school" sounds definitely wrong to me.


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    It's somewhat outdated, but you could say (especially if you are a child): I'm tardy for school.
    For me, "tardy" is used more for administrative purposes, e.g.—Teachers [will] mark students as tardy if they are/arrive late [to class]. Remember, 3 tardies (sp) count(s) as 1 absence.
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