être lié au secret professionnel

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  1. Idiha Senior Member

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    Good morning everyone!

    "Les fonctionnaires de l'Inspection alimentaire qui connaissent le nom du produit, sont liés au secret professionnel."

    and my English translation:

    "The food inspection civil servants who know the name of the product are bound to professional secrecy."

    This is about the ingredients on product packaging.

    I think that lié à un secret= bound to secrecy or sworn to secrecy, but I'm not sure about "professional secrecy", I have never heard it used this way.
    Can someone please help?
    Thank you
  2. carolineR

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    professional secrecy seems ok : see here :)
    are bound to or bound by ?
  3. Aupick

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    I would use "bound by" rather than "bound to". I have a hard time explaining why, though. (Perhaps to avoid confusion with the expression "bound to do something" suggesting inevitability: "It's bound to rain because we've bought all this food for the picnic".
  4. Idiha Senior Member

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    Caroline and Aupick, you've been a great help to me, thank you ever so much! :)
  5. pyan

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    In British English the term "professional confidentiality" is more common.
  6. Idiha Senior Member

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    Thank you Pyan :) Perfect!
  7. Nicosito Senior Member

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    The original meaning of to bind here is synonymous with "to tie", as in knots, with rope. As in "my hands are tied" (by the obligation of confidentiality for example). So it follows you are bound by it/subject to it rather than just attached to it.

    (Also, yes, bound to suggests a verb will follow).

  8. Lezert

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    One remark concerning the french sentence : the preposition "au" is not ( up to me ) really correct:
    One should say either:
    ...sont liés par le secret professionnel
    ...sont tenus au secret professionnel

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