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Hello all!

I was reading Psalmii 103 and I found a structure that bothers me a little:
El îţi iartă toate fărădelegile tale,
El îţi vindecă toate bolile tale

Why is it that we have "îţi" over in the two sentences? If we removed it, it would still be fine wouldn't it? Because the verbs (ierta and vindeca) already have, for each of them, their own direct objects (fărădelegile and bolile).

Compare this with the English version
Who pardons (verb) all your iniquities (direct object),
Who heals (verb) all your diseases (direct object);

I appreciate your help. Thank you all!
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    The Romanian pronoun "îți" reinforces the idea of whose inquities are pardoned. We could even skip "tale" which stands for "your".
    Normally, I wouldn't have translated the "Psalms" this way.
    I'd rather find "Şi iartă toate fărădelegile tale, /Şi vindecă toate bolile tale" more appropriate for a religious text.


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    @irinet "We could even skip "tale" which stands for "your"."

    You mean, 1) we could get rid of "tale" if we have "îți" in the sentence, or 2) we could get rid of "tale" and "îți' at the same time?

    2) wouldn't make sense to me because now it'd be unclear whose iniquities and diseases the Lord got rid of.

    Thank you!


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    Well, both 'îți' and 'tale' refer to you. So, it would make great sense whether you use 'îți' or 'tale' or you leave one out, not both.

    As a side, you can have the following situations. Imagine that there are three persons involved in getting a book back.

    He is giving you her book back.
    El îți dă cartea ei înapoi. (îți stands for you)

    In this situation, you can leave neither out.
    El - the subject of the predicate;
    Îți - to whom the S gives the book;
    Ei - whose book is. It's hers. If it was yours, you could have skipped 'ta' (cartea ta), but not 'îți': El îți dă cartea înapoi.
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    You are welcome.
    And I am glad that you are so interested in Romanian and that we could answer your question.

    Sper să îți folosească!