în repletie


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What does it mean when a doctor writes

Vezica urinara este în repletie


I can't find the term "repletie" anywhere thus far.

(I have my guesses about this, but I am posting this thread in the hope of moving beyond the guessing stage.)

  • (hoping you're not going to ask for a specialist here, again :) )

    According to this site, repletie means:
    "REPLETIE REPLETIE, s. f. / repletion, s. f. / repletion, surfeit. [Lat. repletio, -onis = supra- a6undenta, de la rep/ere = a umptt din nou (re = iarafi; plenus = wmplut, piin).} Starea unui organ care este plin cu un lichid, un solid sau un gaz."

    First time I see this word, but I'm not a MD. To be clear, I do not recommend or endorse that particular website, do your own research.There is a forum on WR for specialized terms, might be an idea to ask the question there because it will get more exposure with input from other languages.