órale ese vato loco

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  1. puppypop New Member

    united states
    some one said to me ORALE ESE VATO LOCO FOREVER and I have no idea what it means!
  2. ealtes Senior Member

    Saltillo, MX
    English--Florida/Spanish--Saltillo, MX
    "Orale" is an expression of surprise, like "Woah man!"
    "Vato" is approximately "dude"

    "Orale ese vato loco" would be approximately "Woah that guy's crazy!"

    That's my attempt.

  3. larinoriani Senior Member

    Memphis, TN-USA
    El Salvador-Spanish
    Is worth to say, that "orale"y "Vato"are slang. Most used in Mexico or between the Hispanic low-educated population.Örale, in the other hand is very used in Mexico in all cultural levels. No intention to ofend anybody.....
  4. ealtes Senior Member

    Saltillo, MX
    English--Florida/Spanish--Saltillo, MX
    Hey now...smart people can use slang too.
  5. JB

    JB Senior Member

    Santa Monica, CA, EEUU
    English (AE)
    I agree 99%. "Orale" is Spanglish, Chicano Spanish (I believe) from the 1950's or so. Since you said "ese vato loco" and not "ese vato ES loco", I assume you are giving us a phrase, not the complete sentence, so I would delete "is" from Ealtes' translation, and end up with "Whoa, that crazy guy . . . ."
    For the future, it is always best to provide context, such as at least a complete sentence, and sometimes even that can be ambiguous without more information.

    If the subject interests you, there are books like "First Dictionary of Caló", "Street Spanish," "Así habla el mexicano" and others you can find at libraries and bookstores.
  6. ciruelita Senior Member

    orlando u.s.a
    spanish Mexico
    That is spanglish lol, is like that men is crazy, like he won't change his attitude, he will be like that forever, and ORALE is tipical word from my beautiful country Mexico and it has different meanins depends

    For instance if I say wou!! you have a nice car= orale esta padre tu carro!! (in this case arle means surprise)

    or I'm waiting for you! come here, you can add orale due to in this sentence means hurry=orale ven aqui te estoy esperando

    Basically Orale is an expression
  7. ealtes Senior Member

    Saltillo, MX
    English--Florida/Spanish--Saltillo, MX
  8. Aluxito New Member

    Mérida, Yucatan
    USA - Spanish
    este vato acá tiene razón. :)

    escucha: "órale ese vato loco" = that man is crazy" sí está bien traducido.
  9. sketch2626

    sketch2626 Member

    united states english
    I believe it's "Orale ese, vato loco forever"

    It's an expression, I believe it comes out in a movie. "orale ese" would be the equivalent to "Yo, man" and the "vato loco forever" is refering to the person saying the phrase, basically saying that he is a vato loco forever. In some places, Vato Loco is a gang, in others it's just a phrase similar to "Mi Vida Loca".
    That's my interpretation, hopefully that makes sense.
  10. skalo New Member

    That's right. Orale means "come on", like "yeah!", "ese" means "dude", and "Vatos Locos" was the "clica" the gang. He said he is a vato loco forever but also said that Vatos Locos will live forever.
  11. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin Senior Member

    I agree with you that "órale ese" it's an expression per se and means something like "yo, man". But I'm not sure about "vato loco" refers to the person saying the phrase. It's part of the same expression said to puppypop and means crazy dude.

    Anyway, translating each word separately makes no sense, the whole expression it's just a way to say "hello" by certain groups in Mexico and USA.

    BTW jbruceismay "órale" is nor spanglish neither chicano Spanish it's a mexicanismo.
  12. Perrito

    Perrito Senior Member

    Estats Units
    Estats Units, anglès
    Órale no es espanglish, lo he oído entre los mexicanos del centro del país, el norte y hasta el sur en Chiapas, donde hay poca influencia del inglés. Es un mexicanismo purísimo, ja ja.
  13. skalo New Member

  14. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin Senior Member

    No, es porque yo vivo en la frontera donde todo mundo dice "órale ese, vato loco". Si en algún lugar de México sabemos hablar así... es en Ciudad Juárez.
  15. skalo New Member

    No esta en discucion lo que digan en la ciudad donde vivis. Este tema se abrio en relacion a la pelicula "Blood in, blood out" donde los protagonistas pertenecen a una pandilla llamada "Vatos Locos". En este caso en particular "vatos locos forever" se refiere a la pandilla.
  16. ALGMSLUCY New Member

    It's a line from the movie Blood In, Blood Out (1993). My husband says it in a joking manner sometimes when he's acting crazy or silly. It's an expression of Mexican Pride or Chicano Pride. It can also be gang related, but in this context probably not. Loosely translated it would be "Yo man, I'm a crazy dude forever!"

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