öbür / başka / diğer

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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Can someone give me few examples with word 'öbür' please?

    Also what would be difference between öbür, başka and diğer?

    İs there any other word with same meaning?

    çok teşekkürler :)
  2. ancalimon Senior Member

    öbür - diğer: other ~ the other (example: Diğerini - Öbürünü istiyorum : I want the other)
    başka: another (example: Onu başkasına ver : Give it to another person)
  3. ketcapov Member

    - Siyah saçlı olanın adı Ali.
    - Şu mu?
    - Hayır öbürü(diğeri), onun yanındaki.

    - Şu odada sen kalıcaksın.
    - Burası mı?
    - Hayır öbür(diğer) oda.

    - Şu siyah saçlı olan Ali değil mi ?
    - Hayır o başkası.

    - En çok satılan modelimiz budur efendim.
    - Bunlardan başka model yok mu acaba ?
  4. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Can i ask why did you put 'ü' and 'i' suffixes in first sentences and why not in second one?

    The same question for ancallimon:

    Diğerini - Öbürünü istiyorum

    İkinize de teşekkür ediyorum :)
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  5. ketcapov Member

    diğeri : the other one
    the other one

    Because there isn't a noun after the öbür.

    Öbürü is pronoun.
  6. FlyingBird Senior Member

    tamam, teşekkürler :)

    Can i also ask why 'öbür gün' mean 'day after tomorrow' it sounds weird for me cause it should mean 'another day'?

    okay i can understand 'öbür hafta' or 'öbür ay' or 'öbür yıl' but 'öbür gün' it mean just another day so why it couldn't be 'tomorrow' cause tomorrow is another day?

    Also is it possible to use 'diğer hafta' or just 'öbür' in such situations?
  7. ancalimon Senior Member

    "öbür gün" means "the other day" not "another day". See my reply above.

    "başka bir gün" means "another day"
  8. FlyingBird Senior Member

    My friend i don't see big difference between another and other.Maybe just my english suck :(
  9. FlyingBird Senior Member

    İf i understood 'öbür gün' mean 'the other day' but what it have with 'day after tomorrow' or for example why 'öbür hafta' couldn't mean just 'next week'?

    The same question for 'önceki gün' which mean 'day after yesterday' but it say only 'önceki' which could be also few days ago.

  10. ancalimon Senior Member

    When you say another day, it can be any day. When you say the other day, it means a specific day.

    So if you asked your friend "bugün sinemaya gidelim mi?" and he answers "öbür gün gidelim" it means "Let's go the other day (next day)"

    The same can be said about "bu hafta - this week" , "öbür hafta - the other week"
  11. LunarLord Member

    Think of "başka bir" as a whole

    Try to memorize it this way

    başka bir zaman / another time
    başka bir gün / another day

    Any other translation sounds somewhat weird other than "başka bir" for "another".
  12. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Look this:


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