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    Here is a news clip about a notorious case of rape in the Ukraine:-
    Tecavüzün öcünü mafya alacak. Üç gencin tecavüz ettikten sonra feci şekilde yakarak ölüme terk ettiği Oksana'ya, Ukrayna mafyasının sahip çıktığı öne sürüldü
    I think it means 'the Mafia will punish the ones responsible . After the rape by three young people who left Oksana for dead horribly burnt, Ukraine who have been protecting the Mafia are in the spotlight(??)
    I don't know really what öne sürüldü means. That is a guess for 'is spread out in front'.
    What does this idiom really mean? Thanks.
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    in this context, it means "iddia edildi" .

    It is claimed that the mafia will deal with that issue and take revenge for Oksana who was raped and left burned to death by three young men.
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