Čardak ni na nebu ni na zemlji

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Alma Alma

Šta znači srpska (hrvatska?) fraza "čardak ni na nebu ni na zemlji"? Da li se može prevesti na druge slovenske jezike i recimo engleski? Hvala!
  • Awwal12

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    Чардак (from Ottoman Turkish) in many Slavic languages means or used to mean "balcony" (in Russian it has developed to чердак "attic", though). "Ни на небу ни на земљи" must mean "neither in the sky/in Heaven nor on the earth". Still, we need some native speakers of BCS.


    Serbian - Serbia
    In this particular case it means 'a castle' and this expression probably comes from a fairy tale. It is one of those expressions that everyone has heard of but no one really uses.
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