Ėrtem, jól írtad!

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  1. don't know hungarian New Member

    What does "ertem" mean?
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  2. gorilla Member

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    "értem" means "I understand (it)."

    "ért" is the verb "to understand", "-em" is the definite first person singular conjugation suffix.
    ("Jól írtad" means "you wrote it correctly")
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  3. Fredsky New Member

    It can have 3 different meanings depending on the stem of the word.
    If the stem is the verb "ér", then "ér+t" is the past tense of "ér" and the word means something like "I reached it", "I touched it", "I experienced it" depending on the prefix (el-, meg- etc)
    If the stem is the verb "ért", then it means "I understand it", "I get it".
    If the stem is the morpheme "-ért" (= "for") then it means "for me".
  4. gorilla Member

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    That's true, but he provided the context, and from there it is clear that the meaning is "I understand".
  5. Fredsky New Member

    I missed the context in the title, however the sentence (Értem jól írtad!) is poorly formed in Hungarian. Without a comma it, strictly speaking, means: "for me (for my benefit) you wrote it well". It should be "Értem, jól írtad!" Interestingly the lack or presence of the comma makes a difference in English as well: "I understand you wrote it well" and "I understand, you wrote it well" mean slightly different things.
  6. Zsanna

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    Gorilla, thanks for your consistent good answers.

    Fredsky, welcome to our forum and :thumbsup: for your comments above.

    Edit: Gorilla, context was not provided, just a sentence in the title and it is easy to forget by the time you read the comments.:thumbsdown:
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