İkizlere takke

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    In a risque but amusing bra advert, this sentence occurs: -
    Izikleri kos kos. HAYATIMDA ALDIGIM EN GÜZEL HEDIYEMSIN (sic), which I take to mean 'you are my (=the) most beautiful gift that I have on my sweetheart'.
    Kos kos baffles me. It can hardly mean 'pensively / without looking either way'. Perhaps it could mean 'a go-go bra'??
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  2. LunarLord Member

    I'm not sure how can i put this, but "ikizlere takke" is a phrase(a little slang) mostly used by bra sellers in markets that literally means "caps for twins"

    koş koş = run run(literally) = hurry! hurry! ( in this context)

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