œil-trait, œil-point, œil-tache, œil-croix


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Translating a short literary-style text about an artist - I haven't got it in digital format, so if you don't mind, I will copy and paste my translation next to the words in French, to give you the context; not that it will help much!!!

Lena Vandrey's fascination for teratology no doubt explains why in the composition of her work, votive worship persists with the power to conjure up any negative force to amputate and mutilate both body and spirt.
A quick-gold glance guides her hand movement as it cracks open the work, gripped between the two sombre faces of her Janus-mask, oeil-trait, oeil-point, oeil-tache, oeil-croix, they stand guard and observe with epigraphs on the pediment of the imaginary cockpits which they serve to bring the head-characters to life that have become the architecture for the tangible.

I think she is describing each of the four eyes of Janus, but how can I translate that into English??
The last one - is cross-eyed, but if only one is cross-eyed it won't work!!

For info, the head characters are a serious of cut-out heads
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    In the end, I pu : a slit-eye, a dot-eye, a splodge-eye, a cross-eye, (I have the advantage of looking at the paintings and therefore am able to describe them)
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