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    ok thanks to both...

    And also if you can please explain me what is difference between şeref,onur and namus.İ know they all mean 'honor' and if we add suffix siz/sız/suz or süz will be dishonorable.So what is difference and is there any other word of same meaning?

    thank you :)
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  2. Esoppe

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    Şeref and onur are pretty much the same thing (Onur is derived from French "honneur", while şeref is of Arabic origin): respectability, dignity etc.

    Namus is the same thing as well, although it is usually used together with a premodern notion of morality with lots of sexual connotations: a family's "namus" is said to be how prudish its females are, the wife of a man sleeping with another man is said to be 'defiling' the married man's "namus" (as opposed to the woman's, it's quite a strange notion).
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    Indeed. Namus is more about romantic/sexual purity and morality. By purity, I don't necessarily mean virginity. Purity as in a stainless record with total fidelity and zero promiscuity.

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