şeker ezelim

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    Hi everybody,

    I have a question please, what is the meaning of this phrase (şeker ezelim)?

    Can you tell me what is the root of the word "ezelim"? Perhaps means "honey" from Arabic "عسل 'asal" i.e. (ezel='asal)?
    Because that makes sense, since it could be translated as "my sweet honey" or "my honey", but I didn't find this word in Google Dictionary in the meaning of honey, all I found was (bal, tatlı) :confused:

    This phrase is from a song called "Bekar Gezelim".

    Could you also translate its lyrics including the title please?
    I could't find English translation, all I found was the original turkish lyrics.

    I'm sorry to bother you but I'm very beginner in Turkish Language, I haven't even mastered the vowel harmony rules yet. However, I'm very interested in this language and I plan to study it hard as soon as I get free time.

    Here you go:

    (Bekar Gezelim)
    Yaylı geliyor yaylı
    Bizi de alsa bari
    Ayşe saraya çıkmış
    Doğru söylese bari

    Haydi güzelim, şeker ezelim
    Bu sene de bekar gezelim

    Girdim mahpushaneye
    Ahbaplarım çok imiş
    Ayşe kızın yanında
    Hasiyetim yok imiş

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    There are ''lyrics forums'' for this kind of things.We can't do that in this forum.

    ''Şeker ezelim'' : I'm not sure what it means in this sentence but ''Şeker Ezelim'' literally means ''Let's Crush the sugars''.
  3. aisha93

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    I see. So is the root of the verb here (ezmek)? Anyway, thank you.
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  5. Reverence Senior Member

    You seem to have found an interesting piece to get curious about.

    This particular folk song is one of those where making a point is not at all a concern. The writer appears to simply have whipped up something that would go along well with the melody.

    Again, "crushing sugar" isn't necessarily used here as an euphemism; it just rhymes and flows well with the rest of the lyrics.
  6. aisha93

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    Not really, the thing is that I couldn't figure out the source of the word "ezelim", and I though it might be (asal عسل), since in some Persian Dialects this phrase is very common, i.e. (shakar asalam شکر عسلم), so it, at the first glance, seemed to be the Turkish version of this phrase. That's all.

    Anyway, thank you all for your answers.

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