Żołądkowa Gorzka

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    This is a brand of vodka, from what I gather, and in Chicago, in this (old) bar that I frequent (owners are Polish), the barkeep said something about "stomach".

    I didn't really understand.

    Does the brand name mean something with "stomach"? Maybe it's not even the brand name.
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    Hello, Perpend,

    Yes, 'Żołądkowa' is a brand of Polish vodka, and the word is an adjective from 'żołądek' (stomach). 'Gorzka' is another adjective, and it means 'acrid/bitter'. The full name, I think, is 'Wódka Żołądkowa Gorzka', produced by the distillery Polmos. Colloquilally, it is also referred to as 'krople żołądkowe' (literally: stomach drops, which means: stomach bitters). I guess the name may come from the supposed similarity of its effect, colour and taste to stomach bitters'. There are vairous types of it; the one you mention is the most popular one. There is also 'Żołądkowa' with mint or honey flavours.
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    Ahhh ... thanks, Thomas. I didn't understand which part was the stomach, but you've solved that. The person also said something about "calming", which "bitters" can do.

    So "stomach bitters" sounds like it describes what the brand name is?

    Thanks any which way. That was very, very helpful!

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