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    Thank you for reaching out! The suggested translation has been added to the dictionary. It will be visible online after our next update, within a few months.


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    Nice to chat with you.

    And tonight on "Ήλιος" I heard: "Το θέμα είναι ότι αυτός πέθανε." Nice to learn the language. Although the amount of English that has crept in is really rather scary...everything from λοκ ντάουν to φιλαντέλφια (cream cheese hehe) to τσεκάρω to who knows what (not mention the prevalence of "OK").

    My favorite show now is "Το Πρωινό" because of its fast banter and everyday expressions...very helpful in learning the idioms (although they tend to mumble I miss so many words). I tape the show so I can go back over what I've heard several times. Also it's good for my ears because I live in isolation (not because of the virus, but geography) and I never hear or speak Greek. Thanks to Dish I have Antenna, Alpha, and some others. A great range of vocabulary from cooking to promoting products to interviews to music...very helpful.

    And PS. Regarding "register"
    Language Register and Why It Matters (Or: Why You Can’t Write An Academic Paper in Gangsta Slang)

    Funny how after all these years I have never heard of this concept before. For a while I had an internet coach in Greek who corrected my "register" for άντε για. Those are the details in translating that are interesting to me and important.

    Now that my mother has died and I don't have to care for her any longer I will be able to study more intensely, and plan a long trip to Greece when the vaccines start working.

    Καλή Χρονιά! I'm off to make myself some τσουρέκι right now (and so many Turkish words as well!). Not good at making Βασιλόπιτα.

    Dean Pappas