Greek to English φακλάνα

Dictionary entry: φακλάνα

Άγιος Παΐσιος

fat woman, large woman, fat lady, fat wife, big woman, big lady, fat girl, fatty, chubby, thick, overweight, gorda, fatter, obese woman, big girl, fatso, overweight woman, buffalo, muffin top, stout, tank-dame, old lady, large woman, beast, tubby, missus, fucking wife, old wife, fat ass, great woman, grown woman, great lady, fat chick, fat face, chunky, gordita, fat kid, little fat girl, old woman, turd-machine, hell of a woman, older woman, grande dame, grand dame
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    Thank you for reaching out. The Greek term is not included in the dictionary. Should it be added, we will also consider your suggestions.