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    кто на своих двоих, кто в автобус втискивается, кто в ара-мобиле таксует,
    What is exactly an "Арамобиль"? An old car?
    Many thanks.
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    Lübertsy, Russian Federation
    “Apa” is a derogatory vulgar term applied to swarthy persons mostly from the Caucasus. They often use worn-out clunkers for cab-driving. That’s why the cabs they drive are called “ара-мобиль”. I would strongly recommend you not to use this word with people you’re not familiar with.
  3. Maroseika Moderator

    Ара means "guy" in Armenian and is normally used inthis language as neutral address. But in Russian it is a derogatory nickname for the Armenians. Very vulgar and xenophobian.
  4. morbo Senior Member

    The term (at least as I've always known it) is usually applied to the so-called "classic" line-up of LADA cars, once sold under the "Riva" moniker in the West. From the early nineties onwards, those vehicles - mostly bought cheap used - were often used by people from the Caucasus region of the former USSR for manifold purposes, among them the above-mentioned taxi services and - no less prominently - supplying goods to be sold in the marketplace. What really made them stand out was their often distinctive look: usually "pimped" using whatever was within one's reach and splattered with stickers sporting western brand names, those were at times a sight to remember. As for the origin of the term - as was already mentioned - it's the fusion of the words "ара" and "автомобиль"; the former is used in Russian as a derogatory blanket word referencing all people who live in or come from the said region, not only Armenia, as well as anybody whose ethnicity is evident through their facial features, and the latter is just "автомобиль". Not sure if there was point in rambling that much; anyway, initially it was not any worn-out car, and not any lemon empoyed by such a person in any role, but rather mostly Riva's and especially the ones with double headlights.
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