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A friend commented on my photo on Facebook. He wrote -> You look like a model.

I want to say something like "No way" (not sure if it is correct in English)

Can I say -> "Вовсе нет! :)" (with adding the emoticon and exlamation mark)?

There is also another phrase like -> Ни за что! :)

Wchich one can I use? Both of them?
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    "Вовсе нет!" would be fine answer in the context (I don't think so). "Ни за что" has a bit different meaning. It is usually used when someone is forcing you to do something that you don't really want to do.
    -Пришли мне свою фотографию в купальнике!
    -Нет, ни за что!
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    "No way" does not really fit your context. However, in Russian you can say: "Не может быть!", given the smiley that would be redundant in this case.


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    As a reply to a compliment, "No way" isn't used in the literal sense "I don't" but in a rhetorical sense "come on, really?", "you're joking!", ultimately "you're too kind!" If this is what you intended, then Да ладно!/Да ну!/Да прямо! would be the closest equivalents I think. Вовсе нет! is only suitable as an expression of humorous protest ("I absolutely don't!").
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