Волчок or юла?

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    Hello everybody,

    I was taught at school that a spinning top is called волчок in Russian, but I noticed in our new textbooks that the authors prefer the word юла. Which of these two words do you use more often - has волчок become obsolete?
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    I don't know if волчок is obsolete, but it is sounds old-fashioned to me - I only encountered it in books; I'd say, юла is a normal, everyday word for spinning top.
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    I see - so I must change my language habits. Thank you, rusita preciosa!
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    According to the wikipedia article юла is a particular case of волчок:

    So, волчок is a more general term. Also note that in theoretical mechanics there is a term прецессия волчка, where it cannot be substituted by юла.
    There are also some phraseologic expressions with this word, e.g. крутиться волчком.

    is a kind of волчок which has the inner mechanism, whereas generally волчок does not necessarily have to have it. Thus, strictly speaking, юла and волчок are not the same thing.
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