Вот море молодых колышат супер-басы

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    I have been looking through Russian music and have become quite intrigued by Машина Времени. I have been trying to learn their song Однажды мир прогнется под нос. I have decided that learning the lyrics will be a fantastic way to expand my vocabulary. However, in the first two lines I have already found two words that I can find no translation for:

    Вот море молодых колышат супер-басы.
    Мне триста лет, я выполз из тьмы.

    I can find no translations or similar words that I can compare these words to.

    Even прогнется (from the title) is not in dictionaries. I assume it is some form of гнуть.

    Is there any specific place I should look to find these (I'm assuming) uncommon for slang words? And what do колышат and выполз mean?
    Thanks for any help!
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    ...под нас.
    колышат < колыхать

    выполз < выползать

    Прогнется < прогибаться - to sag. This is a difficult word actually, because I'm not sure in what sense it was used in the song. Besides the vocabulary meaning, it has also a prison (sexual) connotation, which nowadays maybe is not comprehended by the natives, but it definetely some years ago.
    Anyway прогибаться - to sag under smb's pressure, to bow and scrape, to toady and so on.

    As you see, only прогибаться can be called the slang word to some extent, so you just need a better dictionary.
  3. rusita preciosa

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    Прогнется < прогибаться is to bend rather than to sag. The word will bend for us.
  4. Albertovna

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    Russian - Russia
    The world will submit to us?
  5. LilianaB Banned

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    I would say прогибаться means here to give in: it will give in, surrender, collapse.

    I agree most of the words are not slang words, but simply used figuratively.
  6. grinski Senior Member

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    мир прогнётся под нас means that we are shaping the world, rather than vice versa. прогнуться is to give in, to bow to somebody or something

    Вот море молодых
    колышeт супер-басы.
    Мне триста лет, я выполз из тьмы.

    the sea is shaking, rocking the super-bass [of guitars] (note that not the young are rocking, but the sea of the young is rocking guitars)
    I've crawled from the darkness.
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  7. morzh

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    Прогнется под нас - will accomodate us, will do what we want, we will be its masters.
  8. oirobi Senior Member


    Not true!
    Вот море молодых колышат супер-басы
    It is the "hosts of the young" that are being influenced by the "superbasses", not the other way round! It's normally the artists that influence the audience, not vice versa!

  9. oirobi Senior Member

    прогнется под нас = will sag under our pressure
  10. grinski Senior Member

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    In runet both meanings seem to work equally with the audience. I suspect it happened because the word колышат/колышeт isn't used much in such a context and it takes an effort to imagine super-bass rocking the sea of the young rather than easily watchable hands rocking at any concert.
  11. Elena1962 New Member


    I am a Russian native speaker. As far as I understand you need to know infinitives of the verbs to translate them otherwise the dictionaries are useless. You can write to me and I will give you the infinitive and the translation or tense in which it is used in the song. thank you for your interest. Tjose are wonderful songs. Elena 1962
  12. LilianaB Banned

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    Yes, absolutely -- you have to go by the infinitives only to find anything easily in dictionaries when you look for something in inflectional languages. It means, as it was said before, I am sure: The bass sounds are rocking the sea of youth. I am three hundred years old, and I have crawled out of the dark(ness). (Basses rock the sea of youth/I am three hundred years old, and I've come out of the dark. -- just another alternative)
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  13. Avanpost Member

    I don't think we have a word 'прогибаться' only in the prison context. Personally, I'd think of that last of all. For me, this means a surrender of the World with all its difficulties to the power of the human spirit. In a more wide context, 'прогибаться' means an action of bowing of something which occurs due to heavy weight or power acting opposite. We also say 'прогнуться' when somebody insists on something disagreedable and others let him/her do what he/she does, because they don't have power to act against.

    However, there is one more word such as 'гибкий'. It's an adjective. And when we are talking that somebody is 'гибкий', he or she might be able to make a compromise. We mean that in a positive way.
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  14. Sinki New Member

    Я колышу; ты колышешь; он/она колышет; мы колышем; вы колышете; они колышут;
    колышат – написано с ошибкой каким-то безграмотным русским.

    Разговорное: я колыхаю, ты колыхаешь, он/она колыхает, мы колыхаем, вы колыхаете, они колыхают.
    Значение: слегка, мерно качать, колебать.
    Пример: Ветер колышет знамена
    Однократно: колыхнуть. Я колыхнул, ты колыхнул, он колыхнул/она колыхнула, мы колыхнули, вы колыхнули, они колыхнули.
    Пример: ветер колыхнул знамя, я колыхнул колос.
    Существительное (средний род): колыхание.
    Пример: Я заметил колыхание в траве.
    Это редко употребляемое в разговорной речи слово.
    Устойчивое словосочетание: Меня это не колышет, то есть меня это не касается, меня это не интересует, это не мои проблемы.

    В контексте песни: супер-басы (на концерте) заставляют двигаться толпы молодых людей (море молодых), то есть волнуют их.

    Однажды мир прогнется под нос
    Правильно: Однажды мир прогнется под нас
    Нос - это nose, а нас - это us

    Инфинитив: выползать.
    Произведено приставочным способом от: ползать, ползти.
    Значение: передвигаться по поверхности всем телом.
    В песне: Мне 300 лет я выполз из тьмы.
    Мне триста лет и я Голлум пришел из тьмы.

    Инфинитив: прогибаться
    Произведено от: гнуться.
    В песне: Мир прогнется под нас.
    Мир будет делать так как мы хотим.

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