Все запутанно в изменчивых тенях


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I'm learning Russian and have a healty collection of Звери songs I enjoy. I have been collect and creating translations of the lyrics but there are about 15 to 20 words, from 27 songs, that I couldn't translate. I guess they may be slang or mis-spelt? I won't put them all up or else this would get a bit long a first post ;-) I welcome any suggestion of their meaning in English, hopefully none are offensive.

запутанно in "Все запутанно в изменчивых тенях"

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    All is confused in these betraying shadows.

    Of course, as always, when interpreting song lyrics, all is very subjective. The word запутанно could mean confusing, confused or simply mixed up depending on the situation. The original meaning is to describe, say, a bowl of yarn in disarray. Hence the word распутывать (to unravel) carrying the same stem.

    While the word Изменчивый means changing, it also carries within it the word измена -- betrayal. So perhaps
    Изменчивый in this case could compare the shadows with an unfaithful lover.


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    Thanks for that :) The word 'confusing' fits well with my translation and with the next line 'Предрассветными кострами перешито' which I take to be talking about pre-dawn fires.

    My object is to understand the words as well as the overall meaning. Some of the songs I have translated still make no sence but some songs are like that in English so I'm never sure if it's a poor job on my part or just strange lyrics ;)