Всё весёлее мне, горемычному, да и дешевле

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  1. MmeSosostris New Member

    The sentence is: " ваше окошко напротив, через двор; и двор-то узенький, вас мимоходом увидишь- Всё весёлее мне, горемычному, да и дешевле." i translated it as:" your window is opposite mine, in the other side of the Yard , it's very narrow, one can see you pass by, it makes me happier, unlucky me, and it's even cheaper." The last bit doesn't sound right though...
  2. Maroseika Moderator

    It's even cheaper, because his previous appartment was more expensive. The next phrase is: У нас здесь самая последняя комната, со столом, тридцать пять рублей ассигнациями стоит. Не по карману! А моя квартира стоит мне семь рублей ассигнациями, да стол пять целковых...
    By the way, instead of "one can see you pass by" I'd say "I can see you pass by", because this is exactly what he means.
  3. Sobakus Senior Member

    I would say мимоходом refers to the speaker rather than the person they're talking to, and is used in its more general meaning without paying attention.
  4. MmeSosostris New Member

    Yes! It's a passage from Dostoevskij's book "кроткая". But what exactely does горемычному mean?? Is it poor me or unlucky me?? I can't fit it into the sentence..
  5. rusita preciosa

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    Russian (Moscow)
    The whole tone of the protagonist is self-depreciating, so in English it would be something like "seeing you walk by gives a bit of happiness to a poor bastard like me..."
  6. MmeSosostris New Member

    Ok thanks, i think i got it!
  7. LilianaB Banned

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    I agree with Rusita's translation, almost, but I would personally translate it as: "to a poor guy (man might be better) like me, to an unlucky guy like me or to a tormented man like me".

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