Им нужно кресло, чтобы их не взяли за одно место.

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    Что значит "Им нужно кресло, чтобы их не взяли за одно место."?
    Заранее большое спасибо!!

    Голосуйте за любую партию, кроме одной. За любую партию!" Должна быть альтернатива, потому что в "Единой России" все не бедные. Им нужно кресло, чтобы их не взяли за одно место. Вот и все! Достаточно посмотреть, когда показывают думу. Для чего они показывают, когда там восемь человек бегают и нажимают?
  2. morbo Senior Member

    A seat there guarantees protection from criminal prosecution as well as a certain level of comfort in conducting one's business, whatever it may be.

    Could be liberally translated as "They need a seat to protect their asses from getting it."
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    Excellent translation, morbo! Unless I'm mistaken, the одно место means "a certain place" (that you are too polite to mention), and "взять за одно место" is thus to grab/get someone by the (BE) short and curlies/(AE) short hairs.
    There is, of course, a nice pun here. If you have a (parliamentary) seat and you are sitting in it, no-one can grab you by the whats-its.
  4. morbo Senior Member

    In fact, I've always taken "одно место" to mean "the arse" rather than anything pertaining to the human reproductive system. There's a whole subset of collocations it occurs in which suggests it: "сделать через одно место" (to half-ass something), "засунуть в одно место" (to stick something up one's ass), "отсидеть одно место" (to get one's ass numb or aching because of sitting on something uncomfortable). Though I guess there's an amount of variation to it.

    upd: On second thought, outside of the aforementioned collocations it really could be interpreted both ways.
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  5. e2-e4 X Senior Member

    Well, if you were not too polite, you would say plain and simple "задница" — I took it as this is what EM meant. :confused:

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