Исчислимый/неисчислимый vs исчисляемый/неисчисляемый

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Hi, I have been preparing a multilingual vocabulary list which also includes very much details about words' plurality, gender, type etc. I am trying to archive Russian words also. However, while I can specify whether a word is countable or uncountable in other languages I use (français, español and italiano), it is simple to state that, but in russian I cannot do that. I am not fluent with russian, even you can count me as a beginner and thus I don't know what countable and uncountable mean in russian so I did some research about it. I just need solely word by word translation of them. When I looked at google and I encountered some forms that made me confused. исчисля́емый--->countable ; неисчислимый--->uncountable (according to google translate), but then Исчисляемые--->countable ;неисчисляемые-->uncountable in some sites. Which one is true? Can I use исчисля́емый for countable and неисчислимый for uncountable in order to state that my word is whether a countable word or not?

Hopefully you understand. Thanks.

P.S. : I did not find any translation for them in wordreference dictionary. Sorry.
  • Maroseika

    Difference between исчислимый/исчисляемый and неисчислимый/неисчисляемый is the same like between the verbs исчислить and исчислять, i.e. Perfect and Imperfect actions. The Perfect case is used for more concrete action, while Imperfect case is used for more general action: исчислить звезды на небе (now), исчислять звезды на небе (regularly).
    Therefore for your glossary you need исчисляемый and неисчисляемый, because this is about the permanent property rather than about the current property.
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