Как в Большом относятся к тому, что у вас много зарубежных п

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    Как в Большом относятся к тому, что у вас много зарубежных предложений? This is a question from an interview with Russian ballerina Nina Ananiashvili. I think Большом in this context means the Bolshoi theatre where she trained. I got this translation 'Has coming from the Bolshoi meant that you have more offersfrom foreign countries?' but I'm not sure. Any better translations?? Thanks
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    What does it mean - 'has coming from the Bolshoi'? The original sentence says that Ananiashvili's colleagues are probably jealous. 'What the Bolshoi's dancers (or whoever they are) think about lots of offers from foreign countries for you'?

    P. S. My English might be a little weird. Sorry.
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    There's a previous useful - if short - thread on "oтноситься (к чему/кому) in the Russian forum here. It's also in the WR dictionary here. Unfortunately dictionaries give quite limited definitions, and there are much more idiomatic variations available in English for the meaning in the sense and conversational register used in your example.

    As gvozd says, you can translate it by "think about", but also "feel about", "view", "react to" etc. as follows:
    What's the feeling at the Bolshoi about the fact that you get many offers from foreign countries/abroad?
    How do they feel at the Bolshoi about the fact ...
    How do the people at the Bolshoi view the fact ...
    What's the attitude at the Bolshoi to the fact that ...
    How does it go down at the Bolshoi when you get so many ....
    What's the reaction at the Bolshoi to the fact that ...

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