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Hi guys, I though that на + accusative was used only when indicating "going somewhere" as opposed to be somewhere (prepositive).
But in this example from Риа новости:
"Личные траты Трампа на президентскую гонку составили более $43 миллионов" (which by the way I translated with 'personal spending of Tramp for his presidential race reaches 43 millions`).
Why is that? Is that another way to use на + accusative?
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    Prepositions aren't limited to spatial meanings in either Russian or English, they're also used with verbal objects. Both languages use the preposition on/на with the verb spend/тратить, and since the prepositional object expresses purpose, the Accusative and not the Prepositional is used. The Prepositional is used when the object expresses something other than purpose, for ex. заработать на чём-л ("to earn doing something"). Thus, the logic is the same as with spatial meanings.
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    Ok thanks!
    To clarify, the above only concerns indirect objects; with intransitive verbs where the prepositional phrase expresses what would essentially be the direct object, the Accusative is used (although I won't risk saying "always"): надеяться на Acc., влюбиться в Acc.