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  1. Konstantinos Senior Member

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    I want to ask about the cases around the нужно.

    In the sentence: "Для этой работы нам нужен тот, кто имеет большой опыт.", I understand the dative case before нужен (нам), but I do not understand the nominative case after it: тот.

    Any explanation? Thanks in advance...
  2. gvozd Senior Member

    You can replace тот with a noun. Нам нужен тот (человек). Нам нужен человек, который имеет большой опыт. The noun is in the nominative case, therefore the pronoun тот is in the nominative.
  3. Konstantinos Senior Member

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    So, dative and nominative around нужен?

    Нам нужен человек...

    Who needs? (dative): Нам

    What needs? (nominative): человек
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  4. gvozd Senior Member

    Yes, you are right. Он нужен нам. Он in the nominative, нам in the dative. We determine the case by miscellaneous questions which show us the connections between the words in the sentence, but it is almost impossible for an inexperienced non-native speaker. Он (кто? - nominative) нужен (кому? - dative) нам.
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  5. Maroseika Moderator

    Better to consider the issue not from the point of morphology, but from the point of sintax:

    Человек is a subject, нужен is a predicate, so:
    Человек нужен (=является нужным)

    This is the only reason why человек is in Nominative, and this case nothing to do with the very word нужен, which is just a kind of a predicate.

    Нам нужен тот.
    Тот - subject, нужен - predicate, нам - supplement.
  6. Konstantinos Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    Greek - Athens
    Thank you both for your help...

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