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Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by mabimabi, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. mabimabi Senior Member

    I was buying a train ticket from Tallin to SPB. There were 2 possibility: one cheaper called Сид, one more expensive named Общий. These adjectives are included in the column named Места (seat).

    So, I assume they're dealing with 2 different kind of seats. But I can't understand. In the dictionary, Общий means "general".

    Can you help me? Regards and thanks.
  2. mumblazer

    mumblazer Member

    Сид is сидячий which means you are entitled to a seat. In Общий the ticket just gives you the right to enter the train car and go by it without actually guaranteeing that there will be a seat for you. I would definitely prefer Сид!

    Good luck with it!:)
  3. igusarov

    igusarov Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    Something is wrong with that statement. I've just checked the railroad tickets site - "Сид" is 30% more expensive for the similar SPB -> Tallin train. "Сид" cars have far fewer seats per car, which means more space and more comfort...
  4. mumblazer

    mumblazer Member

    Sure, I overlooked that. There must be a mistake: Сид is supposed to be more expensive than Общ. - by definition.
  5. mabimabi Senior Member

    Thank you, so it was the shorten form of an adjective.

    [and yes, I must have made a mistake in writing which is cheaper.
  6. mumblazer

    mumblazer Member

    My guess is that сидячий somehow does not sound good in Russian - too simplistic, informal. Railroad authorities are almost "ashamed" of having to use such an informal word on formal tickets. So, they simply replace an embarrassingly colloquial word with its shortened form - it looks incomprehensible but so what! :)

    Have a nice journey!
  7. Maroseika Moderator

    Сид and Общий is not standard system of Russian Railways. Maybe this is Estonian system?
    In Russia it is О for общий ("некупейный с местами для сидения") and ОБЛ or C for сидячий ("межобластной с местами для сидения").

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