Победа на классе

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  1. Chrissie123 New Member


    "Победа на классе"

    This is a heading in a Russian football program. Does this translate as 'A classic victory'? it doesn't seem correct somehow but I'm not sure how else to translate it.

    Grateful for any help you can provide.

  2. CKM367 Senior Member

    No, that is not "a classic victory". "Победа на классе" usually means "victory due to higher class", not because of will to win, not because of the physical conditions or good luck etc.
  3. Chrissie123 New Member

    Great, thank you so much for clarifying
  4. igusarov

    igusarov Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    Perhaps it would be easier to understand this phrase if you think of it this way: "Victory [was based] on class".
  5. Enquiring Mind

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    В данном контексте
    я бы сказал одним словом "Outclassed".
    (The winners outclassed the losers, or the losers were outclassed by the winners.)
  6. Maybe it's an attempt to say "Win with class" which would seem appropriate in football.
  7. Saluton Banned

    Moscow, Russia
    I'm not sure what a "win with class" implies but победа на классе is a clichе́ in Russian. Enquiring Mind's version is good.

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