Политическая атрибутика

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    Dear all, I'm a little stuck with the concept of 'политическая атрибутика' in this context (found on the HRO website): 'Когда манифестация подошла к официальному конечному пункту – дому номер 12 по Никитскому бульвару, все свернули политическую атрибутику.' Does it mean banners and placards etc., or some kind of merchandise? Thank you in advance! Best wishes, Slavicist89.
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    More context is needed (e.g. Who are "all", what happened on Nikitsky boulevard?), but from just that sentence I would understand they put away their political banners and placards.
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    Of course, this means banners and placards only.
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    Ah, thank you! Sorry for the lack of context - the protesters were moving through Moscow with placards and banners, and the following sentence says that they continued with only photographs and bouquets, so what you say makes absolutely perfect sense. Thank you again!
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    Political paraphernalia is probably a good idiomatic translation here for "атрибутика".
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    Dear Enquiring Mind - that's perfect; thank you!

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