Предлог "с" (like in с большой буквы)

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  1. slavica New Member

    In my Russian vocabulary book ("Thematischer Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz", Klett, p.405), there is the following example sentence:
    Имена […] пишутся с большой буквы.
    I would have expected the form "буквой" (instrumental case instead of genitive). Strangely enough, there is an example in the book on the very same page where the instrumental is used in a parallel context: "[…] пишутся с мягким знаком". My questions are: 1) Would "пишутся с большой буквой" be equally correct and natural? 2) If not: Is the word "буква" the reason for this 'exception'?
  2. ahvalj Senior Member

    С, among others, has a spatial/temporal meaning "from, starting from, since", in which case it governs the Genitive. Пишутся с большой буквы means literally "are written starting with the capital letter". Пишутся с большой буквой is OK when the statement concerns the use of the capital letter elsewhere in the word, e. g. when saying that in the two existing abbreviations for St. Petersburg, СПб and СПБ the first one пишется с маленькой буквой, while the second one пишется с большой буквой.
  3. rusita preciosa

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    These are different expressions:
    С большой буквы - lit. starting from the capital letter ([начиная] с большой буквы) - the word starts with a capital letter
    C мягким знаком - with the soft sign - the word has a soft sign in it

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  4. Maroseika Moderator

    Some more examples of preposition "c" in the sense of "starting with":

    Магазин работает с 10 утра.
    Урок начался с повторения пройденного.
    Обратный отсчет времени начали с десяти.
  5. Словеса Senior Member

    And here is even an example with both kinds of use in the same phrase:
    «А почта с пересадкою летит с материка […]»
    The point of destination of this mail is the island of Sakhalin. It's from a song by Mikhail Tanich, you can easily Google it if you like.
  6. Maroseika Moderator

    I'm afraid this "c" in "с материка" means quite different thing - not "starting with", but just "from where".
  7. Словеса Senior Member

    It means exactly the same thing (no difference to be noticed), just this meaning was described incorrectly. ;-)
    Both examples imply that the noun is a point of "emanation" of something. No perceptible difference of meaning.
  8. slavica New Member

    I was clueless, now I understand. Thank you all so much!

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