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    I have been having some trouble with this phrase. I hear it very often in news however, since I don't know what it means I can only guess. My attempts are that it first depends on context, but that being said, it may possibly mean "thus", "with this"… I'm not too sure but I know it is used in explanations.

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    It can imply a lot of different things depending on context, but a direct translation of "with that" works in most cases. If you give some examples, I could explain what it means in that context.
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    In my vocabulary it usually means "at the same time" (or "during"):
    Иван много курит, при этом не любит когда курят другие./Ivan smokes a lot, but at the same time he doesn't like when the others smoke nearby.

    Sometimes it's exaggerating "while":
    Андрей бежал по парку, при этом Катя сидела у него на плечах./Andrei ran across the park while Katya was sitting on his shoulders. (that is, very important that he didn't hold her in arms, she didn't run along etc.)

    Both of these could be interchanged with "with this", as you can see (sentence would be changed too, though). But "thus"... I'm trying to imagine any context, but all my eforts are for nothing.
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    An example is at the end of this dictionary entry. Perhaps "thus" is not the most precise translation, but it does the job sometimes. )) Other possible interpretations have been discussed here.
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    Oh now I see! Spasibo bolshoe!

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