Раскрашивать/красить and раскраска/краска

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    Hi, guys,

    What's the difference between these two word-pairs? As I understand it, раскраска can refer to the children's activity, "coloring", but how would the verb forms differ?

    For instance:
    Я покрасил стену.
    Я раскрасил стену.
  2. estreets Senior Member

    Раскрашивать/раскрасить means paint in several colors and the result is usually multicolored.
    Красить - means just to paintn the result is usually solid.
    Раскраска - well, I have always thought it's a book/album in which the pictures are outlined and the children make them multicolored.
    (And it can mean in general a multicolored result, for example women's make up is sometimes called боевая раскраска (combative coloring).
    Краска means a paint, color, dye.
    Я покрасил стену.
    I painted the wall and it is solid (blue, green, yellow etc.)
    Я раскрасил стену.
    I painted the wall with several colors.
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  3. Aspect New Member

    I think the difference is following:

    Покрасить - to colour/paint smth self-colored.
    Раскрасить -to colour/paint smth multicolored.
  4. WordOrder Senior Member

    кр́асить — to paint;
    Маляр́ы покр́асили ст́ену с́иней кр́аской — Painters painted the wall blue.
    раскр́ашивать¹ — to paint something in different colors making it more attractive;
    Х́иппи раскр́асили сво́ю маш́ину вс́еми цвет́ами р́адуги — Hippies painted their car all the colors of the rainbow.
    раскр́ашивать² — to color the pictures in a coloring book.
    Д́ети раскр́асили карт́инки в кн́ижке-раскр́аске — Children colored the pictures in the coloring book.

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